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How To Not Feel Awkward During A Family Photoshoot

By Ellie Jade Photography

With years of experience in the photography world and numerous families captured, I have gained valuable insights on how to help people relax and bring out their best selves during a photoshoot. Over time, I've learned techniques to assist both myself and my clients in creating genuine and candid memories that truly reflect their essence.

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your photography session.

Tip #1 - Dress Comfortably

When you're comfortable in your clothing choices, it reflects in your expressions and body language. Dressing comfortably allows you to relax and be more natural during the session. Genuine smiles, laughter, and interactions with your loved ones create timeless photographs that truly capture your family's unique dynamic.

Tip #2 -Be Yourself

Capturing the essence of who you truly are is the heart and soul of a photo session. It may seem obvious, but it's worth emphasizing just how important it is to be yourself in front of the camera. Embracing your authentic self allows the images to reflect your unique personality, genuine emotions, and the love shared within your family. Don't shy away from showing your true colors, because it's in those honest and unfiltered moments that the most powerful and cherished memories are captured.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

Tip #3 - Be As Organised As You Can Be

Being organized before a family session is crucial to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Imagine arriving at the session feeling frazzled and on edge, searching for outfits or struggling to gather your thoughts. By taking the time to plan and prepare in advance, you can set a positive tone for the day. Organize outfits ahead of time, coordinating colors and styles that reflect your family's personality. Get the kids excited about the upcoming session, building anticipation and creating a sense of fun. By doing so, you'll arrive at the session with a relaxed and joyful energy, ready to capture beautiful memories with your loved ones. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in creating a stress-free and memorable family session.

Tip #4 - Get To Know The Photographer Before The Session

Getting to know your photographer before the family photoshoot is a valuable step towards creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Start by reaching out and initiating a conversation. Ask about their photography style, their experience working with families, and their approach to capturing authentic moments. Share your family's interests, personalities, and any specific ideas or expectations you have for the session. This communication helps build a rapport and establishes a level of trust. Consider scheduling a pre-session meeting or phone call, where you can discuss details, ask questions, and share any concerns. This interaction allows both you and the photographer to get a sense of each other's personalities and vision, ensuring a smoother collaboration on the day of the photoshoot. Remember, the more you get to know your photographer, the better they can understand your family and capture moments that truly reflect your unique dynamics.

Tip #5 - Tell Your Photographer Any Concerns Prior To The Session

Open communication and sharing any concerns with your photographer prior to your photoshoot is of utmost importance. Your photographer wants to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your family, and they are there to address any worries or doubts you may have. Whether it's a specific insecuritie, a child's shyness, or any other concern, sharing these details allows the photographer to tailor their approach and make necessary accommodations. By voicing your concerns, you give the photographer an opportunity to provide guidance, reassurance, and customized solutions. This open dialogue ensures that the photoshoot becomes a collaborative effort, with the photographer working hand in hand with you to capture authentic and cherished moments. Remember, your photographer is there to support you, so don't hesitate to share any concerns, big or small, to ensure a successful and delightful photoshoot experience.

In conclusion, a family photoshoot is a special occasion that captures the love, connections, and authentic moments shared within your family. By embracing your true selves, dressing comfortably, and sharing any concerns or expectations with your photographer, you set the stage for a truly memorable experience. Remember, this is an opportunity to showcase your family's unique personality and create timeless memories that will be cherished for years to come. So, take a deep breath, trust in the process, and let your genuine selves shine through. Together with your photographer, you'll create a collection of photographs that reflect the love, joy, and beautiful essence of your extraordinary family.


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