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When you book with Ellie Jade Photography

First off, we all have fun! Most families are worried about getting photos done... What if the kids don't behave, what if my husband doesn't want to do them, I need to lose weight first, what if it's awkward.

I take photos in the most relaxed, laid back way. I make sure the connection you want to show with your family comes easy by creating laugher, fun and a relaxed atmosphere. The end goal is to have beautiful wall art and albums in your house to make it a home and create an experience you and your family won't forget.


1. Enquire Today

Lets Chat!

You've decided you would like a photo session (YAAAY!)

You can either call me, text me, book online or fill out my contact form! 

I will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours (weekdays) to organise a time to give you a call and will send you more information about your session.

0458 528 982

2. Book in a date and time.

There is a $150 non refundable booking fee. This locks in your date, time and covers my time and talent to produce a beautiful gallery of images for you to choose. 

Once paid, I will send you your package options to choose from.

There are 3 awesome packages (see pricing page).

This is paid for at least 2 weeks before your session.

I also send you a questionnaire, contract and client portal which has a heap of info to prepare you for your session - like advice around what to wear, what to expect, my product guide, FAQs, and more info on your reveal and order appointment.

12x16 walnut.jpg

3. How to best prepare for your photoshoot.

One week prior to your session I will send you an email or text message to discuss how all the outfit picking is going (because it's quite tricky sometimes!) and answer any other questions you may have. We will also book in a time and date for the reveal and order appointment. 

4. Your photo session

The day of you session! Relax and have fun! Try to arrive 5-10 mins earlier so we can ease into the session with your kids. We run through bubbles, play games, chat, explore, tell bad jokes and have a drink and snack break if need be.

The session goes for approximately an hour. I will never 'pose' your family, just prompt you to get you into the flow of things and have everyone comfortable and enjoying themselves!

Room 6.jpg

5. Your reveal and order appointment

After the session I will spend 2 weeks editing your beautiful gallery. 

At the reveal and order appointment you will arrive, take a seat, pour some wine and I will take you through your story.

It is best to try and get someone to watch the kids for you while you and your partner come in and select your gorgeous photos to be put into art work. Think of it as a date! I'll organise the wine, beer and snacks. All you guys have to do is sit back and select your beautiful images and products. I will create some digital mock ups so you can see what your images will look like as artwork.

Products are chosen and paid for at that appointment. Any rescheduling or rebooking will incur a booking fee of $50 so please make sure you come to the appointment as prepared as you can be. 

Your products will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive depending on what has been ordered.

If you can't make it to my studio near Murray Bridge for your reveal appointment, I offer online video calls as well.

Ready to book? Fill out the contact form below to get started or book online here

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