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Rural Reflections -

A Farming Family's Legacy in a Lifetime Story

Let's take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey of your family and farm. From the hum of the shearing shed to the burst of colours during harvest time, each memory is a testament to the Aussie spirit and resilience that has shaped your family's story on the land.


To make sure these farming memories stay around for generations to come, I offer specialised packages just for farmers. 

My packages are more than just a way to capture these moments; they're like time capsules, ensuring that these memories stay alive for generations. Which is why, with each package, I offer a keepsake leather wrap album.


It's not just a bunch of photos; it's your family's legacy, waiting to be cherished by the families of today, and the families of the future. Picture yourself flipping through the pages of your keepsake album with your grandkids, sharing stories of how things were done back in the day. You can feel the pride in those dirt-stained clothes as you reminisce together.


A Day In The Life

1 Farm Visit

3 hours of Photography

11" X 11" leather wrap album
(20 pages)


The Perfect Duo

2 Farm Visits

3 hours of Photography each visit

11" X 11" leather wrap album
(20 pages)


All seasons

4 Farm Visits

3 hours of Photography each visit

11" X 11" leather wrap album
(40 pages)


*Please note there may be a travel fee involved

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